That's my wife and I there. Liking Disneyland.

I am a photographer for everyone who wants their unique story captured and remembered, and would rather have shots of the two of you sharing amount you can never get back, then a 73rd shot of the candles. I focus on people, on moments, on your story. When you get your photos back from your wedding day, I want you to feel the love that existed, that will only ever exist between the two of you. I want you to see the look on your parent's face; the tears your sister tried to hide; your little nephews playing with the rings in the grass before they walked down the aisle. (Okay, maybe I don't want you to see that one.)


Thats why for every gorgeous bouquet photo, there should be a shot of laughter. For every ring and centerpiece picture, there needs to be a shot of grandma dancing with the bride. And for every catalog-Best-of-The-Knot-cover photo, there has to be the beautifully imperfect shot of the two of you laughing over the steak that was supposed to be fish, because anything that goes wrong on your wedding day won't in a million years change the fact that you've found your person.


Your wedding is not our photoshoot; we're here to tell your story.