For aspiring photographers! Workshops rotate and I limit group size to 4 per group so space is limited. Please sign up below for upcoming workshop dates and information:

Track 1: The Basics - Shoot Pro Photos with or without Pro Gear

Four weeks of On-Site Classes

-Getting the most out of your camera
-Depth of field
-Natural light
-Shutter speed
-What the heck is ISO
-Manual focus
-Framing like Steven Spielberg
-Still life


Track 2: Beyond The Basics - Night Shots, Indoor Shots, the Beach & Other Challenging Situations

Four weeks of On-Site Classes, Including Night & Indoor

-Direct Flash
-Bounced Flash
-Flash Modifiers
-Off Camera Flash
-Independent Lighting
-High ISO shooting
-Finding Light
-Shutter Drag
-Natural Lighting
-Indoor Still life


Track 3: The Wedding Industry - Everything You Ever Wanted (And Didn't Want) to Know

Eight weeks of Wedding Shooting & Everything That Goes With It

-Preparation Shots
-Ceremony Shots
-Family Portraits
-Wedding Party Portraits
-Couples Portraits
-Reception Shots
-Advertising & Industry


Track 4: Advanced Editing

Four weeks of the Boring But Most Necessary Part for Great Photos

-Saving Bad Shots
-Removal of Background Objects
-Shooting with Editing in Mind


Track 5: Private Instruction

12 Monthly Shooting and Training Sessions Customized to Your Questions and Shooting Style, and Sessions in Your Area... I Travel to You
On-Call Email and Text Questions for On-the-Job Help