Karl Verkade Photography | Story Behind The Photo(s): A Blending of Families

Story Behind The Photo(s): A Blending of Families

August 25, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Sometimes the emotion in weddings can come from the places I least expect. I photographed this gorgeous wedding at El Adobe in San Juan Capistrano. It was one of five weddings that week (yes, I know, I need to raise my prices...but I'm just too nice), and I was expecting it to be a normal, beautiful wedding.

Both the bride and groom had children, and when families blend it can sometimes be especially beautiful, and sometimes tearful; although the last place I expected the tears to come from, was from the groom. He was a very nice man, very pleasant, and incredibly straight-forward and professional. His vows to the bride started very normally, and then about halfway through I started noticing that not only was the bride crying, but so was just about everyone in the place. Except for him. He seemed completely calm, and professional, when in an instant his eyes darted behind the bride to his daughter and the bride's daughters as they were all crying, and he lost it immediately. He turned away, and then turned back laughing out loud, pointing and saying it was all their fault. The break in the ceremony from heartfelt tears to the release of heartfelt laughter, stemming from the one man you did not expect to get emotional, was one of the most special and moving things I have ever witnessed at a wedding.

Sincere congratulations to Shawn and Melissa and your family, and thank you for letting me be a small part of the background at your perfect moment.



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